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Love – Transfrom your relationships Retreat


At Solana’s Love immersion, we create a safe, nurturing environment where you will embody the art of self-love, authentic relating, and transparent communication. We teach you proven effective methods involving a blend of playful self-awareness techniques to help you connect deeply to yourself and those around you. 

Optimaze – Elevate your Fitness Retreat

At Solana’s Optimize Immersion we create an easy haven for breakthroughs. This makes it feel effortless as you work towards achieving the results you crave. With our signature holistic approach to fitness, we make working out fun and THIS rewires your brain. With your circuits firing in this new way, you will find yourself excited to move your body and be highly motivated to never skip another workout. 

Pause – Stress Rehab Retreat


At Solana Pause, immersion will shift your entire way of being, as you learn the tools to relax your parasympathetic nervous system. PAUSE is a pivotal program that teaches you how to anchor from a calm, composed place. This will lead you to embrace every challenge and opportunity from a clear state of mind.

Thrive – Reseat your Healh Retreat


At Solana’s Thrive Immersion, you will press the RESET button. Your on-site naturopath doctor will guide you through a detox fasting program custom made just for you. Enjoy feeling revitalized, energized, and clear minded as you gently eliminate toxins from your system.